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William (Bill) Root attended Zama High School from 1960 to 1963 - grades 8 thru 10. Bill lives in the Seattle area with Mary, his wife of 36 years. He is retired from United Parcel Service following a 33-year career in management. Bill & Mary have one daughter, Megan, recently graduated from the University of Washington.

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Zama American High School - Class of 1965

From the autumn of 1959 until June of 1965, more than 230 members of the high school class of 1965 spent one or more years attending Zama American High School in Zama and Sagamihara, the Prefecture of Kanagawa, Japan - approximately 25 miles southwest of Tokyo. Most of us were born in 1947 into military families. Some of us are the children of DACs (Dept of the Army Civilians) and there were a handful of us from local American missionary families (Need verification). A small handful of students spent all their junior high and high school years at Zama.

Our Educational Tradition

Zama High School teachers did a good job preparing most of us for the academic rigors of university-level training. Most of us went on to obtain a college degree and a few managed to attain Masters and Doctorates. Many of the men in our class found themselves in the military - and several, naturally, wound up in Vietnam - the author of this web site included.

Sports Tradition

In 1963, the Zama Trojan basketball team took their one and only Far East Championship from the always-tough Misawa Missiles. Many of us witnessed the thrilling ride to the top. One of our class, Roy Walker, was a key player on that revered team. In 2007, the Trojans took an undefeated season against the Kubasaki Dragons into the semi-finals, only to lose a heart-breaker in the last seconds of the game. Hard to believe and difficult to take: Zama hasn't won the Far East basketball championship in 45 years - since we were sophomores!

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